Will is an active user of the Gamerzuniverse forums and a beloved member. Will has won awards such as "Favorite Normal Member" and "The Funny One" more than once. Being such a popular guy he will always be apart of the GU: Legacy.

What makes him so specialEdit

Will joined the GU comunitity way back on November 4th, 2012. Shortly after joing he got envolved in the comunity thru spectacular threads and wonderous comments. Will should his pride of his homecountry by getting into a heavy debate about the up-in-coming U.S. election. Later he made his first thread which was an overall failer, having just one reply. For a while, Will just stuck to making comments.

Although he post a lot in forums, most of his love came thru his conversations in the chatbox. Will quickly made many friends and became a popular figrue within the GU Comuninty.

The Will of TodayEdit

So far, Will has manged to post over 200 times and has gained 18 reputation. He currerntly holds The highest Rep to post ratio, and also has the most reputation of any normal member. Today will is not online as much as he use to be due to connection diffaculties, but remains with the Comunity in spirit. He will conintue to make apperances whenever need be, and he is always with GU. He also is a very friendly person and is quite the joker.