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The GamerzUniverse forums is a presently available gaming forum (owned by Evolution Master, AnimeFreak, and Ospreyeagle) primarily focused upon Nintendo games. Hosted by both Forumotion and Zetaboards during its run, GamerzUniverse was first created in the spring of 2012 and continues to run to this very day.


The Original GamerzUniverseEdit

The original GamerzUniverse forum was first started and launched on May 2nd, 2012 by Administrator Evolution Master. The site was hosted by free forum supporter Forumotion. Hoping to achieve the goal of making an enjoyable gaming community for many around the online universe, Evolution Master created the small gaming forum as a side project.

The forum was soon joined by its first member outside of its founder, Evolution Master. MapleBerry<3, Evolution Master's younger sister, joined the forum and helped him construct many topics and was soon made a Moderator of the forum which she continues to hold the title as. AnimeFreak (later an Admin of forum), EM's good and longtime friend, and Mr.Snap (a former Moderator, later Patroller), AF's brother, joined the site. The four staff members continued to construct the forum until September 2012 when the site began to attract its first few new members.

Seeing considerable success from that point on, GamerzUniverse celebrated its first year anniversary on May 2nd, 2013. GU experienced a growth in its members and staff group. However, the forum soon experienced a great surge of inactivity soon after its first birthday during the early portion of summer 2013. This inactivity eventually led to a massive decline in new members, the departures of a few staff members, and eventually the demise of the original GamerzUniverse forum itself.

On September 13th, 2013, Evolution Master made the ultimate decision to close the GamerzUniverse forum after a successful year run.

GamerzUniverse (ZetaBoards)Edit

The ZetaBoards version of GamerzUniverse was an attempt to rescue GamerzUniverse during its demise in the summer of 2013. Created by Admin Ospreyeagle with the help of Evolution Master, the ZetaBoards GU retained many similarities to the original GU aside from skin differences and even hosted a rather successful chatbox.

However, the inactivity in the GamerzUniverse community had hurt the original forum, and continued to press more inactivity onto the ZB GU forum as well over time. With a run of nearly 3 months (from June 2013 to September 2013), the ZetaBoards GamerzUniverse became inactive as like the original GamerzUniverse after it had been closed.

GamerzUniverse 2Edit

Around early December 2013, Evolution Master developed a prototype GamerzUniverse as a test to see if the forum had a chance to revive. Instead of reviving the original forum, EM instead created a new Forumotion based site and named it as "GamerzUniverse" (much like the original). Regaining his fellow staff members, EM, Ospreyeagle, AnimeFreak, and MapleBerry<3 launched the new GU to the public in early January 2014.

Several dedicated members of the original GU community discovered the new forum and fondly called the forum as "GamerzUniverse 2" or the "New GamerzUniverse". The new GU forum is currently alive and ongoing.


During its early days, the forums was original known as the Universal Apps forums in tribute to AnimeFreak's original website. While the forum kept the url address in tribute to its original name, the forum's name was changed to "GamerzUniverse" as an attempt to strengthen its relation to video games which the forum was centered around.

The name was pitched in from a combination of the original "Universal" term of the original name, and the word "Gamer" in relation to a term that relates to an individual playing video games.



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  • The forum's url address of "universalapps" is a tribute to a website (Universal Apps) created by Administrator AnimeFreak in the late 2000s. Evolution Master assisted AnimeFreak in this project, and named the GamerzUniverse forums under the same name after his best friend's original website.

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